Intruder Alarms in Edinburgh , Corstorphine, Broxburn & Uphall

Keeping homes and businesses safe across Edinburgh, West Lothian, and Fife, including Corstorphine, Broxburn, and Uphall. 

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The Advantages of Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are the most effective way to keep your house safe and secure while you are gone. If there is a break-in, our sensors will detect the tiniest movement within your property and sound the alarm, informing you remotely on your smartphone while also warning your close neighbours. This keeps your belongings safe while drastically lowering the possibility of theft from your property.

Why should you hire RSS Fire & Security to install your new intruder alarm? 

RSS Fire & Security provides high-quality intruder alarms to our customers to secure the protection of your property, its residents, and all of your valuable goods.

Our intruder alarms are installed to provide you, the homeowner, with peace of mind when you are away from your house, whether at work during the day or on vacation for extended periods of time. Our security systems will keep your house safe while also standing the test of time, with our team providing professional service and repairs following the initial installation of your intruder alarm. We install cutting-edge intruder detection systems that are custom-designed for each location. These systems can be self-monitored and fully smart, with integration into smartphones and home automation systems. We do this for both commercial and residential properties.

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